Earthworm Windows 2000 Autostart

(last revised 5 May, 2003)

Following are steps needed to have earthworm (EW) start up automatically when a PC running Windows 2000 Workstation boots up.

Note: Selecting menu choices is denoted as follows:


This would mean that the Start menu is to be selected first, then Programs, etc.

-Create the autostart file: c:\earthworm\run\params\autostart_ew_2000.cmd
You can use word pad or a similar application to make this file.

This file should contain the following lines:

	call ew_nt.cmd
	call startstop.exe

(NOTE: You can also use your existing windows NT autostart file if you have one)

-After you save this file right click on the icon and chose create shortcut
-Move the shortcut you created to:
C:->Doccuments and Settings->All Users->Start Menu->Programs->Startup
-Reboot your computer to test


Whenever a new version of Earthworm is installed, or a new
configuration directory is desired, the autostart script
must be updated. Basically, the file autostart_ew_nt.cmd mentioned
above consists of the main command file ew_nt.cmd (which is
located in the params directory of the current configuration),
with the addition of the startstop command which starts earthworm
automatically. Therefore, whenever ANY changes are made to
the local of the active ew_nt.cmd, the
autostart_ew_nt.cmd file should be update.

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