Waveform Format

(last revised January 7, 1999)
 * Trace_buf.h
 * Header file for Earthworm packets that allow demultiplexed data
 *  from various sources to be handled efficiently. Added to
 *  Earthworm system by
 * Kent Lindquist and Roger Hansen
 * Geophysical Institute
 * University of Alaska, Fairbanks
 * February, 1996
 * November 1996: KGL Added net and quality fields to accommodate
 *  needs expressed by Alex Bittenbinder and the Earthworm team
 * February 1997: KGL Added pad field as used by Earthworm team

#ifndef TRACE_BUF_H
#define TRACE_BUF_H


typedef struct {
        int     pinno;          /* Pin number */
        int     nsamp;          /* Number of samples in packet */
        double  starttime;      /* time of first sample in epoch seconds
                                   (seconds since midnight 1/1/1970) */
        double  endtime;        /* Time of last sample in epoch seconds */
        double  samprate;       /* Sample rate; nominal */
        char    sta[7];         /* Site name */
        char    net[9];         /* Network name */
        char    chan[9];        /* Component/channel code */
        char    datatype[3];    /* Data format code */
        char    quality[2];     /* Data-quality field */
        char    pad[2];         /* padding */

#define MAX_TRACEBUF_SIZ 4096   /* define maximum size of trace message buffer */

typedef union {
        char    msg[MAX_TRACEBUF_SIZ];
        TRACE_HEADER trh;
        int     i;
} TracePacket;

/* Byte 0 of data quality flags, as in SEED format
#define DIGITIZER_CLIPPED      0x02
#define SPIKES_DETECTED        0x04
#define GLITCHES_DETECTED      0x08
#define FILTER_CHARGING        0x40

/* CSS datatype codes
        t4      SUN IEEE single precision real
        t8      SUN IEEE double precision real
        s4      SUN IEEE integer
        s2      SUN IEEE short integer
        f4      VAX/Intel IEEE single precision real
        f8      VAX/Intel IEEE double precision real
        i4      VAX/Intel IEEE integer
        i2      VAX/Intel IEEE short integer
        g2      NORESS gain-ranged