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Waveman2disk Overview

(last revised Jan 11, 2010)

waveman2disk is a manual, interactive version of trig2disk. Its purpose is to save trace data to disk in variuos supported formats - currently ah_xdr, sac, pc-suds, seisan, gse, wfdisc, and tankplayer. Like any good earthworm program, it has a configuration file waveman2disk.d allowing for extensive configuration. This is where we tell it, among other things, which waveservers to interrogate, where and it which format to store the trace output,

waveman2disk works in two modes:

(1) Interactive:  the config file lists the output format 
and directory, as well as the channels to save. The user is prompted
for the start and end time of trace data to be saved.

(2) Trigger-saving: a file, specified in the config file, contains
ascii text of one or more TYPE_TRIGLIST2K messages. These are processed
one at a time, and the trace data of the channels listed in the
TRIGLIST2K message, are saved to disk.

Note on output formats:

The trig2disk module has been extensively re-packaged to allow for easier addition and modification of output formats. Basically, all functionality dealing with producing output on disk has been moved into libsrc/util. The putaway.c file contains entry points into the trace writing system. This is where any new output format should be added. Associated with it are files like sacputaway.c, sudsputaway.c and ahputaway.c that actually implement the writing of various output formats to disk.

PSN4 format was added for windows in Earthworm 7.1 (contact for details).

MSEED format was added for solaris in Earthworm 7.1.

WFDISC format was added for Linux in Earthworm 7.4.
wfdisc format can take advantage of a wfdisc params config file which must be located at "EW_PARAMS/wfdisc_waveman.d" where EW_PARAMS is the EW_PARAMS env variable. The content of this file is very specific and allows one to specify station/channel specific information on chanid, calib, calper, instype and segtype, as well alternative locations for .w datafiles and wfdisc consolidation rules. See the command document for file syntax and formatting

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