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Template Overview

(last revised 1 June, 2006)

Template Module Directory

This directory contains a set of sample files for a basic earthworm module which:

1) reads a configuration file using kom.c routines (template_config).

2) looks up shared memory keys, installation ids, module ids, message types from earthworm.h tables using getutil.c functions (template_lookup).

3) attaches to one public shared memory region for input and output using transport.c functions.

4) processes hard-wired message types from configuration-file-given installations & module ids (This source code expects to process TYPE_HYP2000 & TYPE_H71SUM2K messages).

5) sends heartbeats and error messages back to the shared memory region (template_status).

6) writes to a log file using logit.c functions.

The files in the src/diganostic_tools/template/ directory are:
Makefile.os2 to create the executable for template on OS/2.
Makefile.sol to create the executable for template on solaris.
template.c source file for the sample module.
template.d configuration file read by template_config.
template.desc the descriptor file for template required by Earthworm's statmgr module.

Lynn Dietz
January 9, 1996

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